Updates gigs Febr/March.!

Here are some of the upcomin' gigs:

First up:
This weekend Lu-Chi'sz will play at the B-Boy jam "Kick to the Moon" in Hoogeveen, Holland saturday February the 18th.

Next week:
Saturday February the 25th:
- Lu-Chi'sz will play at Original Flavor in Solothurn, Switzerland.

- Lu-Chi'sz will play at the Styles Confidential Anniversary the 1st of March in Den Haag, Holland.

- Panic will play at Juste Debout in Paris, France at the 11th of March.

- The 16th & 17th of March, Panic will play at Floor Wars in Copenhagen, Denmark.

- Panic will play the Popping battles at Dutch BBoy Championship 2012/NK Popping.
Saturday March the 24th in Eindhoven, Holland

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