NEW Break-Mixtape by Lu-Chi'sz & Panic.!

It's been a year since the last one, so we decided to make a new mixtape for the Bboys & Bgirls.!

1 hour of this mix equals 1 month of normal practise.!

We sell it for 10 euro's at a jam where we are, or you can buy it online with Paypal.
Send an email to: bombcollectors@live.com if you are interested.

Support us because we also support all of you with good music.!
And we gave you a lot of music for Free too.!


Free Break-Mixtape: Lu-Chi'sz & Panic - Hearing is Believing (2011)

Yes people, we want to give all the B-boys & B-girls something special this time.!
So here you can download our break-mixtape "Hearing is Believing".
It's a 2-part mixtape, one mix by Lu-Chi'sz & one by Panic.
Enjoy, and appreciate.!


& Panic:


2 New Mixes.!

The first free mix is by Lu-Chi'sz.
It's the part 6 in his "Music is what Feelings sound like"-series.
This one will fit that Spring/pre-summer vibe.


And the second mix this week is by C-Ment.
It's his second Hiphop mix.
Enjoy the free music.!



Music is what Feelings sound like- series 1-5.!

Here are the first 5 parts of Lu-Chi'sz "Music is what Feelings sound like"-mixes.
The new one will be ready somewhere in the next week.
Till then, Enjoy!



NEW: Panic's Modern & Old Poppin Funk Mixtape.!

Yes, it's that time again for new music.!
Panic dropped this brand new Poppin Funk-mix, with old and modern beats.




Updates March.!

This weekend the 10th and 11th of March is Juste Debout in Paris, France.!
Panic will play multiple things there!
And next week on the 16th and 17th Panic is in Denmark for Floorwars 2012.

Lu-Chi'sz is the DJ in a new theater show called "Battleground".
He'll be touring with them the coming months.

On the 17th of March, Ishanna, a producer and good friend of us, is celebrating his birthday with a party and jam session.
C-Ment will be playing there.

Many other things comin up soon!


Updates gigs Febr/March.!

Here are some of the upcomin' gigs:

First up:
This weekend Lu-Chi'sz will play at the B-Boy jam "Kick to the Moon" in Hoogeveen, Holland saturday February the 18th.

Next week:
Saturday February the 25th:
- Lu-Chi'sz will play at Original Flavor in Solothurn, Switzerland.

- Lu-Chi'sz will play at the Styles Confidential Anniversary the 1st of March in Den Haag, Holland.

- Panic will play at Juste Debout in Paris, France at the 11th of March.

- The 16th & 17th of March, Panic will play at Floor Wars in Copenhagen, Denmark.

- Panic will play the Popping battles at Dutch BBoy Championship 2012/NK Popping.
Saturday March the 24th in Eindhoven, Holland